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City Adventures Team Building programs are the best in the business! Suitable for groups of 10 to 200+, experience unique programs designed for your entertainment.

Amazing Race:

Experience the rollercoaster ride that is the ‘Amazing Race’. No amount of training can prepare teams for what lie ahead.

Team Outcomes include:

  • Time Management
  • Teamwork Under Pressure
  • Accomplishment

The Amazing Race Information

  • Description

    In way of bus, boat, bike, taxi or foot, teams must make their way to checkpoints around the city. Each checkpoint represents a new country and challenge. Teams are hit with roadblocks and detours, which require additional tasks, team inclusion and strategy. Race the clock and your competition to the finish line to be named the ‘Amazing Race’ champions! Teams learn the importance of making deadlines, understanding instructions and working together in order to complete the ‘Amazing Race’. 
  • Location

  • Participants

    Any Size
  • Program Duration?

    2 Hours to Full Day
  • Physical Involvement

    Low to High
  • Activity Times

    7 Days a Week
  • Bookings

    Phone 0405 186 936 or email tours@cityadventures.com.au
  • Prices

    Priced upon booking enquiry

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