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City Adventures Team Building programs are the best in the business! Suitable for groups of 10 to 200+, experience unique programs designed for your entertainment.

Lifestyle Coaching:

Hands up if you believe a mentor plays a pivotal role in one’s development. If your hands still down, you’ve either never had a mentor in your life or you’re not ambitious enough to raise it. Either way, this is where we can help you.
Outcomes include:
  • Self Discovery
  • Goal Setting
  • Personal and Group Results

Lifestyle Coaching Information

  • Description

    A lifestyle coach will broaden your horizon. You will engage in a wonderful journey of self discovery which will lead you from where you are to where you want to be. How would you like to be wealthier? Achieve your goals? Be a better husband or wife? Become finically independent? Be in better physical condition? What about increasing your confidence? By working on your mind, body and spirit you will be an upgraded version of your former self.

    Individual and group sessions are available. What are you passionate about? What do you want to achieve? What is the next step for you? What will this get you? What do you avoid? These are some of the questions used to create a pathway to success.

    Our very own Director Chris looks after the Lifestyle Coaching program. He is a former professional athlete, health advocate and has attempted a gruelling 6 hour Guinness World Record! His mentor passed on some famous lines such as “you become the person who you surround yourself with”, “you’re looking for a hand up not a hand out”, “it’s called a check up from the neck up”. Chris believes in the power of goal setting, positive thinking and the law of attraction.

  • Location

    Indoors or Outdoors
  • Participants

    1 to 200
  • Program Duration?

    15min to 1 hour with daily motivation and interaction
  • Physical Involvement

    Low to High
  • Activity Times

    7 Days a Week
  • Enquiry

    Phone 0405 186 936 or email tours@cityadventures.com.au
  • Prices

    Pricing is based on location, length of talk and audience size.  

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